What makes coworking successful in London?

London is a desirable location for businesses of all sizes who want to work in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.It is no surprise that co-working has become a very big part of working life in London.

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One of the things that contribute to the success of coworking spaces around the world is the fact that they attract a wide range of workers. They are suitable for people who travel a lot in their work, for small companies looking for a base and more


A quarter of the members were paid by their employers. This suggests that a large proportion of the members in the work spaces are part of a large company.
Of course, co-working spaces also attract independent entrepreneurs who begin their journey in the business world.

About 15% of the co-working places in London appeal to the creative crowd. It is no surprise that in a city as diverse as London, co-working spaces will appeal to a variety of people and needs, but there are benefits that give these places broad appeal.

Flexibility in the short- and long-term lease contract

An important feature of co-working spaces is the fact that they offer facilities of a modern London office but without the commitment and high costs. 
An entrepreneur who works in a risky startup can enjoy the benefits of London's location, but if something goes wrong, he will not be bound by a costly and long-term contract.
The flexibility of the co-working spaces helps to reduce the stress of entrepreneurs in the city so frantic anyway.

Work in a healthy environment

Another significant benefit of the London co-working spaces is the opportunity for collaboration and community, opportunities that are not usually found in traditional offices. 
Studies show that 70% of the members in co-working spaces collaborate with other members at some point, usually in small tasks, but sometimes even in big projects.
In addition, many co-working spaces organize special events for their members.
Such events create an environment that encourages knowledge sharing, which may be a source of ideas for everyone from new ventures to employees of large companies...

In a big city like London it is not difficult to get lost and feel lonely, especially if you are working remotely for another business. Co-working spaces offer such people an opportunity to belong to a social environment that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing, while providing them with the place to work from.

Co-working spaces in London provide much more than a desk, most of the spaces operators agree with this statement. The co-working spaces provide a place for collaboration, community, and some also offer an event area, library and coffee shop. They are a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets of London, providing a relaxed and healthy environment to work in. No wonder their popularity continues to grow.

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