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About CO12

CO12 is coworking located in Wrocław. The place was created for small businesses and free professions, such as IT specialists, architects, translators, etc. CO12 organizes workshops, as well as a joint time for coworkers, uniting them in this way. They have at their disposal a coworking space, and in it a comfortable, individual place at the large desk, virtual office, office for rent and meeting room. All this is in an interestingly arranged space, where there is a loft atmosphere, combining design with minimalism, guaranteeing the functionality and well-being of tenants. CO2 also offers a common space, which consists of an entrance hall with a table, chill out room, kitchenette and dining room. In the area you can find plenty of atmospheric pubs, and with a longer free time, you can go to the river to relax and have a good time.

Tenants have at their disposal a kitchenette and a dining room.

The location offers a public hall and a chillout room.

Space types and prices

Virtual Office

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From 150 zł/month
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Instant Office

Obligation : 1 month min.
Price : From 990 zł/month
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Obligation : 1 day min.
Price : From 40 zł/day
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Meeting room

Obligation : No commitment
Price : From 40 zł/hour
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  • ‏Close to train station
  • ‏Close to bus station
  • ‏Free parking
  • ‏Dog-friendly
  • ‏Mentors meetings
  • ‏Happy hour
  • ‏Soft drinks
  • ‏Beer
  • ‏Snacks
  • ‏Wifi
  • ‏Printing services
  • ‏Staff
  • ‏Showers
  • ‏Open on Saturday
  • ‏Open on Sunday
  • ‏Open 24/7
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  • ‏Gym
  • ‏Swimming pool
  • ‏Sport classes
  • ‏No commitment
  • ‏1 day min.
  • ‏1 week min.
  • ‏1 month min.
  • ‏2 months min.
  • ‏City residents only
  • ‏Designers only
  • ‏Requires a screening Interview
  • ‏Social ventures only
  • ‏Technological ventures only
  • ‏Worldwide access

Map of the area

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Where to eat

There are many restaurants and bars in the area serving international cuisine.

Jak u Mamy
 Jak u Mamy
The "Like a Mother" Bar, existing since 2011, offers homemade food at a low price. All dishes are fresh, prepared on site.
Bema Cafe
 Bema Cafe
Excellent coffee and delicious food in an atmospheric interior.
Selection of regional beers and tasty, traditional Polish dishes.
Nadodrze Cafe Resto Bar is a combination of a loose atmosphere and delicious ambitious cuisine. Only fresh, regional and seasonal products are used.

About CO12

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CO12 is a coworking office located in Wrocław, which was established in 2012 as part of the revitalization of the Nadodrze district and proved to be very conducive to coworking initiatives. In CO12 you can find a room full of focused people who sit in front of their computers and work on their own projects in silence. CO12 coworking services are used by various people, both those who have sterile order around them and those who need artistic disorder for work. CO12 offers coworking, virtual office, offices for rent and meeting room. There is minimal form inside and the decor, though original, is very simple. A friendly atmosphere, as well as creating a kind of community, makes coworkers who come to CO12 become regular customers.


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Opening hours

The office is available to tenants 24/7 (in some subscriptions) or from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00, during reception hours.

Opening hours
Staff hours
Monday 24 hours08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 24 hours08:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 24 hours08:00 - 18:00
Thursday 24 hours08:00 - 18:00
Friday 24 hours08:00 - 18:00
Saturday 24 hoursWithout
Sunday 24 hoursWithout


CO12 is located in the very center of the city. The proximity of tram and bus stops provides a good connection to the rest of the city.


Nearest bus stops: Dubois stop (5 minutes on foot) - buses 104, 122, 128, 144, 240, 247, 248, 249.


The nearest train station is 700 m away - Dworzec Nadodrze.

The nearest tram stop: Dubois stop (5 minutes on foot) - tram 2, 6, 7, 9, 17, 20.

Private car

Coming along ul. Drobnera should be turned into ul. Short.


Parking is on the property, as well as on the street.


The nearest bicycle rental is 1 km away.

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From the press

Coworking we Wrocławiu

Offices for freelancers, IT professionals, creators, architects, designers - broadly understood freelancers. CO12 gathers coworkers under one roof who, although working independently of each other, support each other and can establish contacts not only social but above all business relations. Opportunity to participate in free business training for women - including "Business woman", "success on high heels".

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The grand opening of the Wroclaw coworking office

"CO12 - COMING OUT NOW!" - under this slogan there will be a three-day event inaugurating the activity of the new coworking office at 12c Łokietka Street in Wrocław.On 1, 2 and 3 March the organizers invite to exhibitions, presentations, shows and other cultural events that will take place in CO12 space - in the outbuilding of the tenement house, just a 10-minute walk from the Market Square. The location is not accidental, because Łokietka street is located in the heart of the artistic and craft district of Nadodrze. Here Wrocław's artistic life pulsates, galleries, workshops and various cultural initiatives are created.

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Desk for a freelancer in CO12. A coworking office is starting in Nadodrze.

A coworking office is a place for the so-called freelancers, i.e. people practicing free professions. In such a place you can rent a desk, connect to the internet and work in peace. The office in Nadodrze was created by two Wrocław residents: Anna Kopeć and Ewa Czerny. - We saw such offices during our stay in London. It can be said that coworking is fashionable there, and such places are still developing in Poland - says Anna Kopeć. - We decided to create an office, including because we will use it ourselves. We are architects and carry out small orders.

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Google Reviews

Reviews score 3.2 / 5

Gennadiy Mykhailiuta

Positive things: 1. Location. City center. 5 min walking to tram and bus stations, a lot of shops, services around (lawyers, notary, etc.). 2. Flexible working hours. You can get your own key and leave and/or come whenever you want. 3. Flexible payment. It's possible to pay for the previous month, and payment will depend on how many days you actually spent there. 4. Price is one of the lowest in Wroclaw. Negative: 1. Internet connection breaks several times per day. If you do not need to be online all the time, it might suit you. But I do need. Whenever I had a video conference calls (even on lowest quality settings), I got interrupted countless number of times, especially in the room which is devoted for calls and meetings and called a "meeting room". When I asked owner to fix it, the answer I got was "What do you want me to do? We do have issues with connection, but it bothers nobody except you". It's not possible to use 3G/LTE too - signal is horrible because of the thick walls. 2. The "meeting room" where you can talk (call or meet with somebody) is just a corridor to the toilet (!). So, be prepared to hear everything that happens in the toilet when you have a meeting, and know, that you're not really private when you're inside WC room. 3. The owner works in the same shared space (his name is Maciek). And he is very noisy: people call him or he calls somebody several times per day, he leaves phone ringing loudly and goes away (I guess, he doesn't know where is the "silent mode" in his phone because he never used it). He likes to talk sitting on his place (which is exactly in the center of the big shared room), either by phone or with his friends, sometimes for hours per day. At the same time, if you try to talk, he'll ask you to go to the "meeting room" or change your seat to one, which is farther from him. But there's no stable internet connection in the meeting room, remember? 4. (Subjective) They turn radio on during working hours. It's not very loud, but because this is one big room with concrete walls and floor, you hear the music (as well as any other sounds or voices) very clearly wherever you're sitting. For a couple of days it's not a problem, but when you work there 40 hours per week, it becomes annoying. Why don't just use earphones? 5. (Subjective) The place looks cool on photos, but in real life it more looks like a cellar: it's a ground floor of very old building, dark, cold, the walls are dirty (because renovation was long time ago and it was "cheap and easy") and the water leaks from the ceiling in some places. It's so cold there, that I was freezing even in summer. Which is fine in summer, but not during 3 other seasons. As a summary: One day I was told that I and the other guy _have_ to free up the table we were siting at for months, because the owner wants to sit at it. Which is totally understandable, he is the owner. But, hey, that table is huge, 6 people can sit at it freely! So I asked: "Would I disturb him?" - "He needs a bigger table (yes)" was the answer. Why not just ask and propose an alternative, why do we _have_ to? I think it's ridiculous to pay for a service and hear that you "disturb" seller with it. Location, working hours, and other great things kept me in CO12 for almost a year, despite of all the negative aspects, like internet (dis)connection and lack of renovation. But another requirement to change the seat (it happened the second time, by the way) was the last straw. Looks like the owner made this place for himself, not for the people. If you make him like you, he may allow you to work there and pay him. If you don't - get out. If everything above suits you, the CO12 might be a good place to spend a day or two. Otherwise - forget it. Find another place or go to the public library.

Kamil Dudziński

Place cool, although I was only for a while on a trial day. Everything as in the other kitchen, etc., but the decor and space are closer to the middle class.

Radek Czemerys
Krajewski Krystian

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