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140 locations in the world, 6 of them in Israel, 4 in Tel Aviv only, and the hand it's not the end! WEWORK is one of the world's largest chains of co-working spaces. Here you will not feel like you are renting a position in a cold complex. Here you will feel that you are a member (renter in WEWORK's terminology). You will feel that you are part of a very large, warm and cooperative community.

Written by : Naama Yaakobi | 15-06-17 | WEWORK Sarona

Bottom Line

"Home is where the wifi connects automatically" -If you are abroad and suddenly the mobile will connect you to a wireless network, you will know that you have reached a WEWORK complex, this is our way of saying that you have reached home.
Beyond this you will find HAPPY HOUR events every week and a variety of different luxuries. So even if you are a company of two people, here you will feel part of a large and cohesive company.

Let's start from the beginning, who are these?

WEWEORK has been around for 7 years, with 140 locations around the world and thousands of members connected to its personal social network. This is a chain that aims to be a family for its members. You feel it well with the wide smile that gets you at the entrance to the compound, in hallway conversations with the employees of the compound, and in the various activities that are designed to connect the members that work together in the same compound.

Where are they located and where to park?

The complex is located in Sarona Market, in Building A (the left) on the third floor - which illuminates the entire complex and allows the members to view Tel Aviv from above. Parking is possible at the Sarona parking lot, with discounted rates for the members, or free parking at the nearby Fashion Mall.


So, we said the compound is located above Sarona Market, right? Now we will give you the option to rethink your diet ..
This is not a complex located in the area of ​​ordinary restaurants, it is a lively and colorful market where you can find what to eat for everyone. Especially because the members have a discount card for the various restaurants that are there. 
Beyond that, in the complex itself you will find two kitchens, one large and central and the other small. Both (and that is true for all WEWORK compounds) have fresh coffee and a variety of tea infusions, water with fruit, cold water, flavored soda and draft beer. At noon you can see all the other residents of the compound eating together in the common space

Atmosphere and design

The complex is located on the third floor of the Sarona Market, which allows pleasant light to enter into the common work space. Basically, all WEWORK complexes are designed according to the same line, so if you go to another branch you will feel that you have reached a place you know. On the floor are lots of cozy sofas, sofas, coffee tables and cozy corners to make your work as comfortable as you want. Of course, anyone can furnish and improve their personal office the way they want and make it more personal and pleasant. The atmosphere in the complex is very productive and feels that the members have come to work. From time to time you will hear small talk, but at the same time you will see everyone concentrating on their work.

What else can you find here?

Once a week, the members are invited to relax in yoga classes held in the compound, Between two to three times a week, there are professional events. For example, Peter Marciano (former Facebook product manager) was hosted this week on how to create a good product and how to promote it correctly. 
A very fun bonus in the complex is the showers! Both for women and men, in addition to a position for breastfeeding women (with a separate entrance ticket).

How much is that please?

There are several options to be a member of WEWORK, the first option is virtual membership at a cost of $ 45, allowing access to the social network of the members. This is a network that is defined between Facebook and LinkedIn. It gives its members two entrances to a conference room, or use a position for a full work day. In addition, you can update in the special benefits only for members of the community.
Hot desk spot - sitting in the main open-space costs NIS 1,000
A fixed position in the internal space costs NIS 1,600
Private offices range between 2200/2600 NIS

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