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Mindspace opened the first Rothschild branch three years ago, to which the Ahad Ha'am branch later joined and will soon open the new Herzliya Pituach branch, which is jointly owned by the three of them - a central location. Whether it is in the middle of Rothschild Boulevard bustling businesses and companies or the Herzliya branch located in the heart of the high-tech industry. We went out to check what they were offering, who are the renters and why you should contact them.

Written by : Naama Yaakobi | 07-08-17 | Mindspace Ahad Aha'am

Bottom Line

The complex is designed and adapted to large and young businesses, giving a personal, familial boutique feeling- all together.
Comfortable spaces for sitting, whether you want to have a business meeting in a conference room or whether you want to sit in the open space in light meetings.

Who are they?

Mindspace was founded in 2014 by founders Dan Zakai and Yotam Elroi.
First, the Rothschild branch, which controls two floors (in the future will be expanded to all 6 floors in the
building), to which the new Ehad Ha'am branch with six floors was added. Soon another branch will be opened in Herzliya Pituach, which is expected to cover 3,200 sq.m.

Location and parking

So we said that MindSpace is in a central location in the heart of Rothschild, and the compounds are very accessible to public and private transportation. 
For those who insist nevertheless to come with the car there is subsidized parking for the members at a cost of 900 NIS per month instead of 1,200 NIS.
For those who want to experience the area with bicycles there is a possibility to lend one of the bicycles scattered in the compound, of course there is a neat bicycle room for all the walkers who choose to move with them.

What are we eating?

On each floor you will find a kitchen equipped with all kinds of coffee, tea infusions, almost all kinds of milk, water, sparkling water, soda, and of course a Nespresso and foaming machine. There are also two microwaves, refrigerators and even sandwiches.
If you still want to go out to eat, you will find it difficult to choose a place - and this is for the simple reason that the complex is surrounded by all kinds of food! Whether it's the "Shipudey Europa", "Moses", "cantina" or Allenby / Rothschild market that was recently opened and offers plenty of kitchens.
MindSpace also took care of the tenants' pocket. you will be able to get a discount on a variety of restaurants that have been chosen by the tenants. For example, at America Burger's you will get a 15% discount on a meal, At Benedict you will enjoy a breakfast adapted to the tenants.

Design and atmosphere

The complex is designed in a modern urban atmosphere, there is no feeling of cold office here, but on the contrary, more like a home. This feeling begins already on the pleasant and spacious entry level, from there to the designed elevators and of course on each floor and corridor. Here you will find lots of sitting areas for any purpose, whether you want to leave the office and work at the open-space, or you want to have a one-on-one conversation in a designed rooms, or even to make a phone call in one of the phone booths in the compound.
Dari Shechter, Mindspace Creative VP, is responsible for collecting toys, turntables, books, magazines and more decorations. The offices themselves are very large and comfortable. In Mindspace they prefer you to be comfortable during your workday, so they chose to increase the offices and the work space in advance.

Target audience


The target audience is very diverse, and there are no admission requirements. Naturally there are many start-ups, cyber, and programmers. But beyond that there are designers, entrepreneurs, translation companies and more. On the fourth floor sits a branch of Barclays Bank with the Reyes News Unit, which offers an accelerator in the field of Pintek.


The prices range from NIS 1,000 for sitting on a hot desk, NIS 1,650 for a fixed and numbered position in the open space, and NIS 2,500 for a private office. The prices, of course, include all the services in the complex, provide entrance to the other complexes by prior arrangement, and of course enter the global chain.


First and foremost, this location can't be more central than that. Many customers choose it because of the business address it provides. Here you will find a gym, showers, a magnificent auditorium and a huge roof for events. Apparently, if they had provided a bedroom, the tenants would not have left the compound. Every day there are cleaners that go through the rooms and clean them, almost every day there is an event, there are regular days when all sorts of suppliers arrive to make the time of the tenants more pleasant. In addition, every Thursday there is a variable HAPPY HOUR, for example at the beginning of the summer they brought "Lagenda" and distributed ice cream, on Shavuot they brought a selection of cheese cakes from R2M. We arrived on Tu B'Av just in time to distribute chocolates in the form of hearts to renters.

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