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Merkspace was founded about a year and a half ago by Sapir Shpigel, a young entrepreneur. The company currently has 4 branches in Israel (two are in the center of Tel Aviv - Karlibach 10 branch, Menachem Begin 65 branch, and two branches at Atidim Deborah Hanevia 121). This week, the fourth branch in Kiryat Atidim, called Olympia Zone, was opened and adapted to sports entrepreneurs. In July, the first international branch will be opened in Amsterdam.

Written by : Naama Yaakobi | 08-06-17 | Merkspace Derech Begin

Bottom Line

Very suitable for small to medium sized companies, the space is spacious, pleasant and bright and colorful.
Advantages - loads of professional content adapted to the tenants, lectures and meetings. Personal attention from the managers of the compounds and staff who are present at all hours of operation.

Design and atmosphere

There seems to be a guiding principle in the design of the Merkspace branches and it certainly does the work, the place is decorated in a very European style, homey, prestigious but urban. There are lots of furniture and accessories imported from abroad that create a homely but very luxurious atmosphere suitable for hosting investors, delegations and customers. 
The complex creates a very pleasant, quiet and productive atmosphere. Anyone who wants to work quietly and focus on his work can do it without any disturbance, and at the same time it seems that there is always someone to talk to in case you want a break. The CEOs of the companies in Merkspace feel the difference between Merkspace and the competitors and feel comfortable moving their staff and employees to Merkspace because of the focus on the company's activity and development. 
The complex is very bright and cozy, equipped with comfortable chairs and indulgent seating areas and even foosball in case you want to break the routine a bit

What is there to eat here?

What's fun about the compounds located at the center is that there are endless options for lunch, you can find anything you want to eat in the area. The complex provides a RESTOPASS card that offers discounts at restaurants in the area. You can find restaurants serving homemade food, hamburgers, Asian food, yogurt and even a new food market that was opened under the building. Yes, it is hard to keep your weight here. In addition, the staff makes sure to equip the kitchen with all kinds of soft and hot drinks. You can find Nespresso machines, coffee, all kinds of tea, water with fresh fruits, all kinds of beers, wine and sparkling water. In addition, you will always find snack bars, breakfasts and happy hours.

Who is this place suitable for?

The complex is suitable for everyone, when mainly you will find small and medium-sized start-ups, special toy development companies, companies that deal with advertising in Instagram and more What actually helps these companies grow, instead of going out and looking for outside collaborations such as advice on advertising, marketing, etc. - they help one another within the compound and thus help increase mutual fertilization. Above all, Merkspace acts as a partner and helps them develop their own venture. For example, about two months ago, ten founders of companies in Merkspace Atiidim were flown to China. They got to know the Chinese market closely, to meet key people, investors and potential customers.

What can be found in the compound?

The complex spreads over 900 square meters, including private offices and shared work spaces. If you wish to have a multi-party meeting, you can reserve the plasma-equipped meeting room with a computer connection. Or the more intimate meeting room. 
Most of the work in the complex is done using computers, which requires a strong internet connection to all. The speed of the internet through the computers is: 97.71 MB for mobile phones 78 MB

Costs Costs Costs

Prices in Merkspace vary according to the position you choose. Seating at the hot desk costs NIS 800, and NIS 1000 for a permanent position. Private office costs about NIS 2,000 per person (office with or without window). 
The prices of course include all services in the complex, including a resto-pass card that offers discounts at nearby restaurants.

Where are they located and where to park?

The branch is located at Menahem Begin 65, the entrance right opposite the construction of the train. Once you enter the building you will disconnect from the commotion that is taking place outside and you will feel that you have entered another world. Access to the complex is very convenient, it is located in the city center, very accessible to public transport - almost all lines pass in the area - and of course a private car. It is possible to park free of charge at the nearby Gindi shopping mall, FASHION MALL, located 2 minutes walk from the complex.Hours of operation - the complex is open and active 24/7. The staff is available from Sunday to Thursday between 08:00 and 18:00, but is completely available on the phone beyond the hours of operation for any problem.

Merkspace Derech Begin
Merkspace Derech Begin חלל ציבורי Merkspace Derech Begin חלל ציבורי Merkspace Derech Begin חלל ציבורי Merkspace Derech Begin Merkspace Derech Begin Merkspace Derech Begin Merkspace Derech Begin Merkspace Derech Begin

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